The wave of the future in sound reinforcement, playback, paging, and scores of other applications introduces it's NEW line!

A single speaker, attached to the ceiling, that fills an entire rotunda with voices in song.
A five piece rock band playing live music without the need for monitors.
A D. J. that can set up his whole rig in 10 minutes, alone.
A P.A. system that fits in the trunk of a car.

Let your eyes deceive you, and your ears convince you.
OmniSonic's patented design is in reality an acoustical sphere, meaning the sound radiating from this 12 sided parabolic star is truly omnidirectional and causes an acoustic pressure change rather than a directional sound blast.

Yes, you are being followed.
That's right, due to the unique design of this enclosed omnidirectional system, one or more units fill a room with music or sound. In other words, the sound is omnipresent. Should you want to direct the sound in a particular direction, it's as easy as mounting a deflector and aiming.

It's Simply the Sound of the Future!